"This powerful book accurately depicts the future of social media and how small business owners can effectively gain a credible foothold in a virtual arena filled with social sociopaths. A must read!"

Adam Markel, Bestselling Author of Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience

Things that you will Learn from this Book

Social media is the greatest invention since the introduction of the internet – especially for micro and small business owners with limited financial and marketing resources. It provides an opportunity for small business owners to compete on a level playing field with the big boys. Social media has also provided a platform for clever con artists to promote and peddle their products or services through creative word crafting and promises of amazing results. "Social Sociopaths" use social media to disseminate fake news and dishonest promotions that are more difficult than ever to vet. In an environment that has grown so reliant on social media to survive, it's more important that ever to protect your brand from these social sociopaths.

Here's what you will learn:

About the Authors


As CEO of MarketAtomy LLC, Danna has always endeavored to be a catalyst for micro and small business success in America. With two failed businesses on her resume, Danna has spent the past 11 years ensuring that others don’t make the same mistakes she did. As a strategic growth consultant, Danna realized early on in 2020 that she needed to make a pivot in how she serviced her clients. Over the past year, she has incorporated all of her knowledge and expertise into an online learning environment called MarketAtomy.Academy. Her ultimate goal is to engage local, state, and federal government agencies to pay closer attention to how they can help startup businesses succeed, ultimately lowering the number of failed businesses in the US.

Brandon Falcon

As the CEO of Falconics, Brandon helps businesses scale at exponential rates. He founded Falconics on his core belief that collaboration is how true success is achieved. Brandon operates with a keen sense of awareness that he and his team are doing more than just building brands and running profitable campaigns – they’re helping businesses to thrive, dreams to be achieved, and business owners to live happier, fuller lives with their families. 

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