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Danna Olivo is a marketing and business growth strategist committed to assisting small and medium business owners in reaching their entrepreneurial dreams. Danna’s speaking style is personable, fun, approachable, passion-filled and thought provoking. With a repertoire teaming with case studies and a creative sense of humor, she is able to connect with her audience, create a comfortable environment, and adjust her speaking style during the presentation to match the level of comprehension at any given moment. As a small business owner and experienced entrepreneur, Danna understands the intricacies involved in starting and running a successful business. As a sequencing strategist she is able to work with her clients building a success roadmap ensuring that the sales funnel remains primed and grows exponentially.

A mentor and instructional speaker, Danna is a four-time #1 Best Selling Author with Amazon. She also speaks regularly before organizations, community groups and corporate events on the MarketAtomy Concept and how it is the responsibility of every individual within an organization to bring customers through the door to grow the company.

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“Danna brings a refreshing point of view and speaking style to her audience. As a small business owner I felt that she spoke directly to me in a manner that I understood.” JT - Orlando, FL

“I just completed MarketAtomy’s Journey Mapping program and I have to say that Danna opened my eyes to how I can change the way I attract and service my customers to engage them as advocates for my business. She brought a wealth of knowledge and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling to grow their business.”
MS -
Longwood, FL

"Danna is a dynamic speaker and the perfect blend of inspiration, strategy and tactics for any audience." TH - Baltimore, MD

"Danna is full of strong positive energy and has a real talent for leading and guiding professionals. During a recent training event I learned so much about how I can grow my profits with vision mapping and clarity. Not only did this help me in my professional life it also helped me in my family life." JL - Jacksonville, FL

"Danna understands the big picture and is extremely knowledgeable on not only a wide range of business strategies but also has the firsthand experience to know which combinations can best apply for each client." DD - Orlando, FL 

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